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Netmaps was created in 1997. Today we have more than 22000 clients in 116 countries. This is our proof of quality!

Continuously satisfying more than 22000 clients in 116 countries is a challenge which keeps us improving our solutions every day. Only a leader in the production of cartography, like Netmaps, is able to offer full guarantee concerning the quality and satisfaction of promotional products based on maps. The company is 100% private, with our team of professionals that work in our Head Office, more than 800 sm on the outskirts of Barcelona. We are able to offer the best product and the best quality, helping you to improve the image of your company.
Clients from every area, from the most representative entities like Apple, Nespresso, BBC or Bank of America, big logistics companies like UPS or Carrefour, Multinationals like HP or Shell to the small and medium sized businesses which undertake a big effort to strengthen their image. All of them are in contact with the gift division of the company Netmaps.

Your trust is our quality and our satisfaction!
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